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Why are you here?

Home and workshop 3d printers, CNC machines, Routers, profile cutters, and NOW 3d scanners are within reach of every enthusiast and professional.


Do you love to work on cars and motorcycles, or have an interest in being able to produce your own automotive parts, but not know where to start?

How do they do that?

3d scan toyota head
3d scanner
markforged 3d printer

Who are we?

When I (Nic Tauroa) was 17 I made the decision to go into the engineering trade so that I could build my own parts.


My first year of trade school after this decision was in 2004 where I was introduced to CAD and hooked.

5 years later I was programming CNC mills for manufacturing, while quietly working on my own projects, buying machine time off my boss to machine my own parts.


By 2018 I was training staff and managing a machine shop when I saw the Markforge 3d printer first hand and its carbon nylon material.


It was time.

It was time for me to take the plunge and start my own workshop.

Time to take all 14 years of experience working with everything from composite moulds to injection tools, aerospace to medical implants and apply it. 


From my 12 square metre shed, I bought a 3d scanner and taught myself 3d scanning and pushed the limits of FDM 3d printed materials. I worked with foundries to produce Aluminum and 316 stainless parts from FDM prints off a desktop machine.


I was having parts laser cut and fabricated from thousands of kilometers away, using my design and working with some of the biggest names in racing in New Zealand.


All still in that shed.

3d printed intake manifold
race car engine
solidworks turbo manifold
turbo manifold
Now I have picked a team to help and we want to teach everyone what we do.

We are passionate about learning, and we are excited by teaching.
altezza drifting
toyota carina aa60
toyota ae86

What is this?

This is an online course to teach YOU how to do this.

Comprised of Lesson EBooks showing you how we designed, tested and manufactured an array of performance automotive parts.

And we give you the 3d Scans to work from!

soldiworks design

What makes this course different?

We will share it all

The mistakes, the problems, the tricks, the tips, the jewels

And you get it all.

- A Full breakdown of the design process step by step

- The finished 3d models from the lessons

- Thousands of dollars in 3d scans


1uzfe 1uz v8 intake
r154 supra gearbox
3sge cam cover
turbo manifold
3sge race engine

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